Nintendo’s policies to kill games alienate biggest fans


The only infuriating exception is Nintendo of America, which, for reasons it categorically refuses to discuss, has dramatically reduced the number and types of games it releases. The omissions that fans have found most egregious are those from established game series. Nintendo has teamed up with Tecmo Koei to release the latest in the Fatal frame series, a very popular survival horror franchise during the PlayStation 2 era, exclusively for Wii. But it never came out outside of Japan.

In the early days of Nintendo DS life, Nintendo released two intriguing puzzle-adventure games called Track memory and Twilight Hotel. He produced sequels to both games, which were released in Europe, but not America.

Two excellent GameCube games, Pikmin 2 and Chibi-robo, have been re-released for Wii in Japan with motion controls. Neither of them came here.

I will not insist on the point. (Okay, I’ll: Mother 3.) Yes, all other game publishers regularly decide that they don’t have the money or the bandwidth to release certain games in all territories. Recently, the US branch of Capcom said it will not release the latest Nintendo DS. As Lawyer game here after five critically acclaimed installments.

When asked why, Senior Vice President Christian Svensson was quite open: “The location costs are higher than expected return“he said on the company’s official forums.

Third parties have ditched the Wii, and Nintendo apparently didn’t see fit to change its game lineup to make up for that. While Capcom is unlikely to let another publisher run the game, many big game creators are actively looking for other outfits that are too happy. to translate and publish the games they transmit. For example, Namco Bandai refused to release the wonderful Retro Game Challenge, which was picked up by Xseed Games. Sony didn’t want to tackle What did I do to deserve this, my lord ?, and NIS America jumped on it.

Nintendo allowed this; its proprietary Japanese games Cubivore and Polarium Advance were released in the United States by Atlus. It’s a company that I’m pretty sure would love to release some or all of the games that Nintendo is passing on.

And yet, for some reason unknown to us ordinary people, Nintendo sees more benefits in just sitting on games and never releasing them at all. Save them for a rainy day, maybe? If so, it’s raining now. The list of upcoming third-party Wii games that Nintendo distributed at E3 tells the rest of the story: There isn’t a single Nintendo Wii game that isn’t aimed at the casual audience or otherwise licensed based on a kid-friendly movie or TV. . It’s finish. Third parties have ditched the Wii as a serious platform, and Nintendo has apparently not seen fit to change its game lineup to make up for that.

With virtually nothing on the Wii that isn’t a licensed shovel or the occasional mini-game, this would be a perfect time for Nintendo to team up with smaller third parties and have them handle the location and release of some. original games.

This is especially true in the case of Tecmo Koei, who produced Fatal Frame and Magic takt for Wii. Do you know what Tecmo Koei is releasing on Wii this year? Champion Jockey, a horse betting simulator. Do you think he would prefer to release Fatal Frame? Why yes, I think he would.

It’s not that these games are all amazing. Xenoblade and The Last Story are very good, but I think a lot of others would get poor reviews. But being selective about which games to release only makes sense if players are otherwise spoiled for choice. If this was the case on Wii before, it is no longer the case.

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