Plans for the new Nintendo console (Switch 2?)


Nintendo is starting to discuss plans for its next console, as the company claims the Nintendo Switch is in its “mid-stage.”

At a company briefing, plans for a new Nintendo console were raised, indicating that a Switch 2 rumor could be in its conceptual stages. Nintendo did not make a hardware leap on par with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S since the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Instead, the company has periodically released revisions to its console, which included so far. ‘now Nintendo Switch Lite. and OLED switch. As the demand for its next-gen competitors continues to rise, many are wondering when Nintendo will make a leap forward in console technology.

At launch, Nintendo Switch OLED reviews called it the best Switch model yet, with key differences setting it apart from the Standard and Lite iterations. While the OLED Switch’s hardware hasn’t upgraded to 4K, it has pushed several limits previously limited by older models. Its vibrant 7-inch OLED display and improved audio helped ensure the success of the console’s release, but strong Nintendo Switch OLED sales don’t necessarily mean Nintendo is ready to move on to a larger hardware review anytime soon. or to a replacement console. Instead, it helps solidify Nintendo’s position that the Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle, which means it could still have several years before it’s completely phased out for a hypothetical Switch 2. That being said, there have been hints of some talk about Nintendo’s next one. console has been going on in the business for some time, but it seems even Nintendo doesn’t know when the product might be released.


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In a briefing summarized on Twitter by the investment advisor David Gibson (Going through VGC), Nintendo executives discussed the possibility of a new Nintendo console – possibly the Switch 2. The “next game system”Could see a launch window in the near future, as Nintendo looks to deliver its next unique entertainment experience. Nintendo didn’t have much to say about the “New generation 20xx device“and instead reinforced its claim that the Switch is in its”middle phase of [its life] cycle. “Pointing to the recent release of the OLED Switch, Nintendo says it plans to capitalize on the new model with a”wide range of software. “However, Nintendo is currently investing in”internal discussion on the concept, the timetable ” and everything else involved in the design, build and launch of a new Nintendo console.

We do not know how far Nintendo is in the creation of its successor Switch console. However, the management briefing indicates interest in developing a brand new console, rather than smaller Nintendo Switch hardware updates. While the Switch still has 79 million users per year and has over 6,000 games on its platform, customers may experience Switch fatigue if Nintendo continues to release small upgrades to the Switch. console. The briefing revealed that Nintendo is expanding its game development capabilities with an investment of $ 900 million, so it’s plausible Nintendo Switch 2 will not be revealed until Nintendo extracts everything from its 2017 console.

Nintendo appears to be doubling down on all aspects of its entertainment empire, focusing on film adaptations of its popular IPs, investing in Nintendo Switch games, and expanding the Nintendo brand to real-world experiences like Super Nintendo World. . This growth may be exciting for some, but those eagerly awaiting next-gen Nintendo console technology may have nothing to look forward to after the release. OLED switch for a while.

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Source: David Gibson / Twitter (Going through VGC)

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