Play all Nintendo Game Boy games ever released on your Xbox for FREE


One of the best new features in the Xbox Summer Update, currently in preview, is the integration of apps from the Windows 10 store.

It’s all part of Microsoft bringing Windows 10 and Xbox closer together, effectively unifying the two devices on one platform.

However, it’s also going to make a lot of noise with a handful of apps, which don’t strictly follow the rules.

One of those examples has already caught on, with some Redditor pointing out that VGA10, a Windows 10 app used to play Gameboy games, is currently available on Xbox One.

This means that with the right amount of DIY, using ROMs available for free on the internet, gamers could use their Xbox One to play a plethora of Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and GameBoy Advance games, without paying a single penny.

While the summer update that allows Xbox users to access this feature has not been fully rolled out to all Xbox One users, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft decides to approach this impending wormbox. .

We imagine Nintendo’s legal department would have a field day knowing that its back catalog was openly in use on a rival console.

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A similar situation was discussed two months ago when we pointed out that the Windows 10 store also contained an app called Torrex Pro.

It functions as a BitTorrent client with the ability to stream video and audio playback available for £ 6.19 on the Microsoft App Store.

But in the right hands, it could also be used on the Xbox One as a console-specific torrent app, which could allow users to download illegal music, movies, and TV shows. Although users may find this difficult given the limited access to console hard drive storage.

So, for now, it remains to be seen how much of the current functionality of Torrex Pro can be transferred to the gaming console, but like the VGA10 app, this raises a ton of questions.

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