Poll: Do you call handheld consoles like Game Boy and Nintendo DS?


Image: Nintendo’s Life

In a recent conversation with a friend, we kind of got lost on the topic of our “favorite consoles”. I expected jokes and light jokes as we came up with winners and defended our favorites, but the conversation took a surprisingly controversial turn when I mentioned the 3DS while humm and uh.

My mate replied and it went like this:

“No, no, consoles, not handhelds.”
“Uh, handheld consoles are consoles. Handheld consoles, actually.”
“No I mean correct consoles. “
“Handheld consoles ARE ‘correct’ consoles.”
“No, they are not.”
“So you’re saying the Game Boy isn’t ‘legitimate’ then? It’s like a Tamagotchi or something.”
“It’s a laptop! Not like an SNES or GameCube. It doesn’t plug into your TV.”
“It’s still a console, though! Is Switch a console? “
“Switch is a hybrid. “
“A console … hybrid:”
“Pfff, whatever …”

We politely agreed to disagree and began to mumble under our breath in confusion and silently reassess our friendship.

To me, it struck me as crisp and clear: portable or whatever, just about anything with software and interchangeable button inputs is a games console, whether it’s portable or it’s under. your TV or any combination of the two. The size or screen it generates doesn’t make any difference; it’s a console, end.

Yet this noodle nomenclature made me wonder how much other people don’t classify laptops as ‘consoles’ so it’s poll time in the Netherlands! Let us know in the polls below exactly where you stand on this most controversial gambling issue:

Beautiful Nintendo portable CONSOLES
Beautiful Nintendo portable CONSOLES (Image: Nintendo Life)

Let us know what you think and what you call your video game systems below, and feel free to check out more edu-linguistic nonsense in these articles:

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