Programmer releases first alpha version of Nintendo DS port of Counter-Strike

A skilled programmer is able to release a fan-made version of Valve’s FPS classic Counter-Strike on the Nintendo DS handheld.

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Many gamers have fond memories of Valve’s seminal tactical FPS title Counter-Strike. It was considered a monumental landmark in the first-person shooter genre, with its competitive gameplay being discussed many years later. Whether it be Counter-Strike: Classic Where Counter-Strike: Global Offensivethese games are iconic Valve titles, with an active esports scene that continues to this day.

Despite its legacy however, the original Counter-Strike was only ever playable on PC, with attempts to bring it to consoles being unsuccessful. That should change in the near future, with Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld console. Steam Deck has been hotly discussed in 2021, gaining traction with people due to its design and portable nature. It also boasts that it will allow gamers to play their Steam library on the go, with Counter-Strike being one of the games. However, fans won’t have to wait until February to try. Counter-Strike on a portable console, because a programmer managed to bring this FPS to the Nintendo DS.


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Under the name Fewnity, this fan shows how Counter-Strike has been adapted for the Nintendo DS. This includes programming the DS touchscreen to use certain functions while the top screen displays the action in progress. This includes changing the weapon on the bottom screen, as well as a part of it that can control the player’s first person view. The D-pad is used to control player movement, while other buttons are used for firearms. Some of the weapons included in this build include sniper rifle, machine gun, pistols and melee knife weapon.

Fewnity developed this version of Counter-Strike on the DS for a while now, with this latest video showing that players can try it out for themselves with an alpha build. They note that this build has both single player and unfinished WIP multiplayer modes, although matches with bots are currently possible. Other missing features include other weapons such as grenades and other gear, as they are not currently programmed in this build.

Anyway, it’s impressive to see everything the developer has implemented in this modded version of Counter-Stricycle, like compatibility with Nintendo’s rumble pack, weapon swapping, and even cross-play with the PS Vita on a dedicated server. Players can download this DS version of Counter-Strike via a link in the description of the video.

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