Queen Elizabeth’s Nintendo ‘Golden Wii’ console on sale on eBay for a whopping $300,000

A rare Nintendo Wii, electroplated in 24-karat gold exclusively for Queen Elizabeth II, is now listed on eBay. Commissioned in 2009 by American games company THQ as a marketing stunt to promote its latest Big Family Games title, the golden console is still in working order, according to the listing. The device displays games in 480p resolution and weighs 5.2 pounds thanks to all the precious metal. Like most Wii models, you can use it for gaming and internet browsing because it connects to WiFi.

The Queen’s Golden Wii. An unrivaled 6th-era cromulant console display stunt, brought to the world where advertisers couldn’t take advantage of a brassy Twitter channel to stand out enough to be noticed, is available for purchase on eBay.

THQ, the bosses of the showcase taste that he was, make the superimposed conspiracy 12 years before the Big Family Games commercial, a scoop piece of gathering game selected for the console. The idea was to send an interesting console to the biggest group of all: the royal family. So they sent Queen Elizabeth an irrationally expensive gold Wii. THQ said they transported the brilliant Wii to Buckingham Palace in May 2009. Yet this 2019 study, from Chris Bratt’s People Make Games YouTube arrangement, finds the Wii and finds it has authority Donny Fillerup .

The gold-plated Wii was thought to have disappeared but reappeared in the public eye in 2019 with a series of gaming media inclusions.

Fillerup is still the owner, responsible for putting it on eBay. He plans to buy a permanent resident to keep it interesting and calculates that the Wii could fund that. A meeting on Consolevariations.com says unnamed “high-end gaming industry individuals” pegged at Gamescom 2019 that the shiny Wii could be valued at $1 million; Fillerup says only $300,000 should cover his house hunting needs, so he expects to land that. What is known is that when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, brought her significant other Prince William a Wii for Christmas in 2007, the sovereign was so delighted that she accompanied them for a game. of bowling Wii. When asked if he had ever offered to “sell” it back to the queen, Fillerup said no.

Fillerup said the Wii is one of 350 consoles in its assortment, which includes rare Nintendo models.

The post also takes note that Fillerup will get a specific delivery organization to make sure whoever buys it gets it. It will also describe its authenticity records and perform advanced outputs for the new owner. The shipment will be completely protected, tracked and sent with the highest hype to get the royal treatment.

Nintendo shipped its Wii console in 2006 and sold more than 101 million units, the organization said. The Wii was discontinued in 2013.

However, it looks like there may be other gold-plated Wiis in attendance anyway.

In 2014, a London-based organization, Goldgenie, offered to cover common things, such as game consoles, bicycles and golf clubs, in 24-karat gold.

Covering your Wii in gold would have cost you $500 and taken about seven days. The association remains active.

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