Random: Build your own Nintendo DS with Joy-Cons and a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Picture: MikeDubbz

We all fondly remember the Nintendo DS, right? The big gray thing that had two screens and let you play Super Mario 64 in the palm of your hands from day one? The handheld that brought us hundreds of classics like Pokémon Black and White, Ghost Trick, Radiant Historia, and Animal Crossing: Wild World?

If you want to play one of these games again – and you no longer have your dual-screen darling – then a Reddit user might just have the answer for you.

A few days ago, DS enthusiast MikeDubbz shared his DS-like hybrid creation online. Using a 3D printer to create a grip for his Joy-Cons, then attaching them to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to create that DS mini many of us dreamed of (No? Just us?).

The Joy-Cons easily pair with the phone via Bluetooth, and all you need to do is download an emulator to have the Switch commands mapped to the phone, as well as another to play DS games on it.

Of course, if you still have a DS – you’re lucky – then you probably have don’t need to go the extra mile. Still, it’s extremely fascinating to see the efforts fans are making to create alternative ways to play their favorite games or create their own versions of their favorite consoles.

So, is a 3DS with a fully functional 3D cursor next?

Have you ever tried to create your own video game console? Let us know in the comments!

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