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Nintendo is one of the biggest names in gaming, and they have a history of fantastic consoles to prove it. They have spanned the ages, creating innovative consoles over the decades. While all of them are great consoles with a ton of fantastic games, how do they stack up against each other when it comes to their design? Which console is best in an entertainment center? Let’s take a look back and find out. As a reminder, we will only rank the main western version of consoles, so systems like the Famicom system or the Wii Mini will not be included.



The NES is a product of its time, it just looks old. It doesn’t necessarily mean it looks bad, but it’s nothing special about it. It is several shades of gray and is essentially just a large rectangle.

The controller doesn’t really add to the appeal either. The NES has some great games, but it was the first of its kind, and unfortunately for that, nothing of interest is happening in the design department.


The N64 is a few generations of consoles after the NES, and you can see it in its design. It’s a bit more modern, adding a few flourishes to spice things up a bit.

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While it’s still mostly a black rectangle, it does have a bit of curvature to keep things interesting, and the protruding cartridge makes the system look awe-inspiring. And this controller, wow. This is of course a statement piece, isn’t it? Still, overall, the N64 is pretty solid.


The SNES is an interesting console, deviating widely from its Japanese sister console for a purple and gray color scheme. Purple is a very interesting choice, especially for the creation period of this system. However, it looks great, and even as an accent color, it helps the SNES stand out from all the other gray boxes of gaming devices at the time.

The controller also looks great, sharing a color scheme with its console counterpart. It is comfortable to hold and has been recreated several times over the past few years.

Wii U

The Wii U alone is a boring console, more or less like a DVD player. While the Wii striving for this look was interesting back then, in the Wii U era it was boring. While the Wii U itself was pretty average, of course, the most interesting part of the console is its tablet controller.

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The actual tablet part of the Wii U is interesting, and while, of course, fans know just how underused the thing is (and the plethora of other issues that come with the Wii U), it certainly gave the console its own look. If only the developers had found something interesting to use this tablet. Well, at the very least, it looks pretty fun, earning it one of the top spots on the list.


As mentioned earlier, the goal of the Wii was to become part of the entertainment hub, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the devices present. Of course, the Wii did this pretty well. While the Wii looks a bit boring now, it’s definitely a sleek design.

Of course, the Wii Remote was nothing short of revolutionary back then. While motion controls weren’t included in a conversation about console design, the TV remote-like Wii Remote was a bold move that ultimately worked in Nintendo’s favor. While fans may have different opinions on the Wii, few can deny that its look was sleek and clean, ideal for a console design.


Switch design was a breath of fresh air in an era of consoles that looked like dingy VCRs. The Switch is light and compact. Of course, the design of this console plays into its primary grip, being able to be played at home on the TV or on the go. The console looks great in any case.

The Switch stands out for how it looks unlike anything around it when docked, and looks great in portable mode due to its sleek design and the ability to change its colors depending on the Joy-Con’s that are. attached.


Ahhhh, the GameCube. The big purple cube that will always have a place in our hearts. The design of the GameCube is actually ridiculous. As mentioned before, the thing is a big purple cube, and with a handle, a handle! Sure, that’s a lot, but it absolutely works. It’s awesome, a ton of fun. It indicates some of the great games that we were going to be releasing for the console soon. And given that the controller is still used in competitive games 20 years later, well, let’s just say that part of the design speaks for itself.

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