Relax this summer with your new Nintendo console: at a reduced price!

The summer brings with it those endless (and enjoyable!) days of doing nothing out of obligation. Lazy mornings, afternoons on the beach and chilly nights, enjoying free time. You don’t know how entertain you at those times? The console nintendo more compact is just what you need. Plus, it’s on sale now on Amazon!

nintendo is one of the most famous companies in the world of video games, and with its Nintendo Switch, it has amply demonstrated that it deserves this position. Although the one who brings us here today is the lite version of this, ideal for people who travel constantly and want a compact console.

Despite its size, it allows continued access to the complete catalog games. From the classics, with Mario, Kirby and Link in the foreground, to the most India, you will find a wide variety of titles! And, as surprising as it may seem, it is lowered on Amazon!

The Nintendo Switch Lite console is on sale

As we’ve pointed out, the version of the Nintendo Switch we’re bringing today is the light. That is to say the most compact you will find on the market. Has a filter of 5.5 inches with which you can enjoy all the details of the game you want. Although a bit smaller, it doesn’t lose an iota of the quality expected from the brand. The sound doesn’t change either, so you can enjoy all game soundtracks.

It is available in different colors, but the one currently on sale is the yellow. And that’s good, because it’s one of the most sought after!

The fundamental difference between the Lite model and its older sister is that its Joy-Con they are not removable. It is purely focused on handheld games, for people who still want to take the Nintendo console with them. The fact that the buttons cannot be removed also makes them unusable. vibration and infrared movement camera.

However, this is not a hindrance for playing any game. Also, if one of the titles you are interested in only supports handheld play, you can always help out. other additional checks. And so everything will have a solution!

main sound advantage is that it is much easier to transport. That’s why it’s perfect for summer and travel, because you can always take it with you. Of course: we recommend that you get a cover to protect it, because that way you will avoid any blows.

The best way to have fun in the summer

If yours is the collaborative gameyou should know that they can connect up to eight consoles to play. This will allow you to enjoy with all your friends without inconvenience.

Don’t hesitate and get the most compact Nintendo console. The Versatility being able to take it anywhere will eventually earn the opportunity to play on TV. Also, It’s cheaper than the Nintendo Switch. Especially after the Amazon sale! It can be yours for only 211 €despite the fact that it usually has a higher cost.

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