Sassy Fan-Made Anti-Piracy Message For Nintendo DS Mario Party Hits The Web


Piracy has always been a problem when it comes to video games and sometimes games will recognize the fact if played through pirated means. They don’t usually get personal about it, but apparently Mario party because the Nintendo DS doesn’t care to offend you if you play illegally. Which is fair enough honestly

YouTuber Joey Perleoni recently updated the DS 2007 game anti-piracy routine, which occurs if the player tries to buy something from Mole Monty in the Item Shop. After Monty greets you, he delivers a rather relevant message: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t serve criminals. Ouch. We then get a boss screen of Monty chasing the player through an underground burrow. The rules just say “You can’t do anything”. Vaguely threatening to say the least. Once you hit A, we see Monty walk up to the player before an error message pops up alongside a cacophonous static. Another message also appears after this, stating “Software piracy detected. You are in possession of an illicit copy of this title. Please turn off the power immediately. Ouch. Now that’s a warning if I’ve ever seen one. But wait, there is more. The game then switches to a screen of the Mario party characters behind bars with the message “Piracy is not a party!” It is a serious crime to hack video games. Please shut down the system and report this stolen software immediately. Well, if you haven’t gotten the message before, you sure have it now.

I actually think it’s a great idea and it would be cool if other games could implement this sort of thing into pirated versions of their games. Can you imagine if you were given a game as a gift just for being labeled a criminal by a talking cartoon mole? It must hurt. Watch the video for yourself below.

UPDATE: This video isn’t really real, but it’s still pretty impressive. It should definitely become a thing for real pirated games.

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