Secure your AirTag in the new Nintendo console-style keyring case from Elago



Elago’s new AirTag Keychain Case looks like a classic Nintendo game console.
Photo: Elago

Elago starts over with his nostalgic cases that look like other things – this time the Elago W5 AirTag Keychain Case, which looks like an old-fashioned Super Nintendo home game console. You stick your AirTag item tracker on it and attach the case with a carabiner to whatever you want to track.

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Elago is known for rolling out functional conversation pieces that act as housings for devices, like its retro-styled Mac Game Boy and AirPods 3 cases. And the AirPods Pro case that looks like a camera with an AirTag lens. Of course, the company also sells products like iPhone 13 cases that actually look like cases.

New Elago W5 AirTag key case

Continuing the cute and nostalgic vein, the new Elago W5 AirTag keychain case takes the shape of a colorful old school Super Ninja Entertainment System (SNES) game controller.

And of course, that serves a purpose. This is an AirTag case designed to protect and securely hold your Apple Item Tracker – so you don’t lose what you have to make sure you don’t lose other things.

The silicone case is also a key ring. It has a pocket for an AirTag and a sturdy carabiner so you can attach it to an everyday item, like a purse, backpack or device case.

Small but protective

The new case is smaller than it looks in the photos. At 75mm long by 11mm high, it’s a suitable keychain that can slip into a pocket quite easily.

The AirTag slot of the case features a raised lip to protect against scratches as well as an internal air pad for protection against bumps and drops.

Pricing and availability

And one of the best things about this release is the introductory discount. The cute little Elago W5 AirTag keychain case costs $ 13 on Elago’s website, but an introductory discount on Amazon puts it at 10%, or $ 11.69.

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