Several rejected Nintendo DS plans have been unveiled, including a new Pokemon Pinball


The series of leaks continues

the Laughs who wins Nintendo The past year has not stopped and is constantly bringing new and interesting information. A few days ago, they were discovered rejected projects including remote GameCube and Wii emulators, and unpublished Wee titles, like the mysterious Metroid chapter that created it. Intelligence systems.

Its Reset, In a special book, a lot of news about the games Nintendo DS Never published, including a new chapter Pokemon pinball machine, Even unpublished information.

Here is the full list of what was shared:

  • Rhythm South As the title suggests “RIQ” (The entire title is known as Rhythm IQ). The game tips reveal it “The songs in this game will be rewritten to be good all over the world
  • Elite combat agents Supersonic agents called
  • Pokemon pinball machine Listed as a title for Nintendo DS, With Wi-Fi support. Developer FUSE. The planned release date is September 2006
  • is on the list DS Spirit, In online mode
  • Blogger, Game created Night light. Game Tips: “Magic The Catering is an original idea by Richard Garfield. A strategic game that turns card games into statues ”
  • There were plans to bring Digital DS Before the birth of DSiWare
  • Soma bearer Called Angelique Soma and added online mode. The game was originally scheduled to be finished in September 2006.
  • In DT Kong Racing DS, Pancho and Conquer are replaced by Dixie and Dini
  • The idea was to locate it and publish it Enter into a contract, Established Locust production, give Nintendo of the United States (NoA) e Nintendo of Europe (Noah). It has been described as a game similar to the Thai series
  • Nintendo The design of the writing is supposed to be redone The magic star For the North American version
  • In New Super Mario Brothers. Mention the gods in particular “Plans to publish additional data for new levels via WiFi”. They also refer to reuse Super Mario 64 DS
  • Digital DS Has been “Two prototypes are active” e To jump Stopped “Consider developing other topics in parallel”. it was recommended “Extend the test phase to 6 months to explore the new business model”; First reference to the DSI store
  • Not considered To prevent Online mode Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
  • There were a lot of medieval subjects. More Property name + DS Or the chapter number, CB-Robot DS, Go Super Stars 2, Mario vs. Donkey DS, Yoshi Island2, Kirby DS, Purapura DS donkey, Etc. Here are some of the earliest known subjects used: Detect the hacker (Project hacking), Wish Room (Twilight Hotel), The Eternal Chronicle (Glory of Herax), Fortune Pie game (Clubhouse game) e Marionization equipment (Sosoju ​​Mecha MG).

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What do you think of this leak? Is there a topic you want to see? Nintendo DS?

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