SmileBASIC 4 for Nintendo Switch


Let’s play with the programs. Enjoy programming anywhere and anywhere with Nintendo Switch! Create games and play games!

(This is the version of “SmileBASIC 4” without Server Tickets. In order to upload your works to the server or unlimited download of published works, you must purchase Server Tickets in-game.)

This is the “SmileBASIC 4” programming software, which allows you to create and play games with Nintendo Switch â„¢! The programming language is “SmileBASIC” which is the most suitable language for creating games. Because it is based on the “BASIC” language which is easy to understand even for beginners and has been developed for program learning. So even those who have never experienced programming can work on their projects. In addition, there are many materials and various tools to support your work development.

You can upload your finished jobs to the server and other SmileBASIC users could read them or you can upload / read other users’ jobs, and even those jobs can be used in your programs. By improving other people’s programs, you can have fun and get programming skills at the same time. (An optional server ticket is required to download your works.)

Program immediately anytime, anywhere with Nintendo Switch! Run it right away!

Many commands to develop your work
– The fast and powerful programming language “SmileBASIC 4” is installed
– Supports high resolution display up to 1280×720 and 16.77 million colors
– Giant graphic screen 2048×2048
– Drawing controls such as lines, circles and fills
– Dial with a full range of sound controls
– Take full advantage of Joy-Con’s features
– Supports various Toy-Con
– USB keyboard and mouse can be used
– Trace function useful for debugging Many materials, tools and samples that support programming
– Guide for beginners of the program
– Equipped with a keyword completion function in the command help and editor
– Lots of characters and background images that can be used in various scenes
– Over 100 sound effects and over 40 background music
– Smile Tool (SE and character number can be confirmed)
– Paint tool (draw characters and backgrounds, create animations)
– Examples of simple programs to learn BASIC
– Technical samples to verify the execution results of each order
– Sample games that show the actual structure of the game Share your work with users around the world
– Publish your works on the server with icons and descriptions
– Easily download works published by other users
– Rating function that allows you to send “likes” to your favorite works
– Favorite works can be saved in the top menu and started immediately
– Download the Nintendo 3DS “SmileBASIC” version of the public programs
(Note: It is possible to load programs and data created with “SmileBASIC”, but the commands are not compatible, so they must be modified to run.)

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