Someone created a Nintendo DS using JoyCons and a Galaxy Z Flip

Finding a Nintendo DS might not be so easy, but thanks to the creative project of a talented fan, everyone can now have their own homemade DS with a foldable smartphone and JoyCons!

Nowadays, 3D printers can do crazy things and create very unique things with ease. Hopefully talented gamers also try to get creative with these 3D printers and create things that would give them a whole new gaming experience from devices they already own.

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The most recent example of this is what you can see below! A talented fan who created a personalized Nintendo DS-like game console with a smartphone and a pair of JoyCons!

Submerged Hidden Depths | Trailer

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Submerged Hidden Depths | Trailer





Here’s what happens when you pair your JoyCons with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip!

Galaxy Z Flip is one of the first Samsung smartphones that allows users to fold their phone, and a talented fan decided to use this phenomenal feature to create a custom Android-based Nintendo DS!

So what he did to complete this simple yet creative project was to 3D print an adapter that holds the smartphone in the middle while having removable rails for JoyCons on both sides.

When you put the half-folded phone on the adapter, it almost looks like a Nintendo DS display with both JoyCon controllers connected to the phone via Bluetooth. And that’s all! You now have an Android-based Nintendo DS!

As a Reddit user”MikeDubbzmentioned, he uses the DraStic emulator on the Galaxy Z Flip to directly upload key mapping to Switch JoyCons the same way keys are mapped on a Switch or DS.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the software side of this creative project and the exact method to run DS or Switch games on the phone, but you can probably find out more about it with a quick search on Google.

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