Someone Successfully Ported Wordle to Nintendo’s Game Boy

The Wordle hype is real, and if you’ve been on the internet lately, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Now, capitalizing on the guessing game’s popularity, a computer security researcher has successfully ported the game to a Nintendo Game Boy, bringing the ultra-popular title to the 1989 handheld game console.

Someone ported Wordle to Game Boy and it works!

A security researcher and hacker (Stacksmashing on Twitter) has ported Wordle to the Game Boy. The researcher was inspired by another user who recently successfully ported the game to a Palm device.

While it’s quite interesting to see the modern guessing game running on the late 1980s handheld game console, there are a few downsides. Like Noted by Stacksmashing, the limited ROM size of the portable console caused the searcher to not fit the entire wordlist of the game in the Game Boy version.

Instead, they used a bloom filter, with a very high error rate, to check whether an entered word is among the 8,000 most common English words or not. So, in a way, the Game Boy version of Wordle is an inferior version of the real game that has become massively popular in today’s world.

As a reminder, Wordle is a simple guessing game developed by Josh Wardle. Well, the game has grown so much in popularity that the New York Times recently acquired it. Therefore, chances are that the NYT will soon start charging users to play the guessing game online. However, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. You can check out this story on how you can continue playing the game for free.

The ported Wordle game is available for free on GitHub. So if you have a Nintendo Game Boy lying around, you can also transfer Wordle to it using the provided code. And if you want to enjoy the game on a more modern machine, port Wordle to an Analogue Pocket device. If you end up playing Wordle on a Game Boy, let us know your experience in the comments below!

Featured Image Courtesy: Stacksmashing (Twitter)

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