Super rare, oversized pre-Nintendo game and watch are up for auction


Picture: Nintendo / Legacy Auctions

An ultra-rare version of Game & Watch, actually dating from before Nintendo implicated its brand with hardware, has been auctioned.

While Nintendo and the Game & Watch series of laptops are virtually synonymous these days, the first Game & Watch machines were built by the North American toy company, Mego. The unit you see before you was made by Mego and was actually used by the vendor to demonstrate the potential of traditional Game & Watch machines; because the retail units are so small, the demos were hard to see, so this bigger screen did the job wonderfully.

This particular unit actually plays a fully functional version of Vermin – one of some 60 Game & Watch games available at the time. You can see it working and learn more in the video below.

The machine is on auction right now at Heritage Auctions – the same place that recently sold the famous Nintendo PlayStation. Auctions end in 16 days as of this writing, with the current highest bid being $ 575. You can see it for yourself here if you are interested.

It’s not often that you see something like this pop up for sale. Have you ever seen one before? Let us know in the comments.

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