The best Nintendo 3DS deals for July 2021



You’ve come to the right place to find Nintendo 3DS deals available now in 2021 – T3’s dedicated deal research team has gone through the best deals retailers have to offer and put them all together in this guide.

Even though the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are now largely the Nintendo portable consoles of choice for gamers, the 3D technology of the 3DS line, along with its excellent and extensive library, means it remains a fantastic console for gamers. travel. Game.

We have great deals on the entire line of Nintendo 3DS systems. If you don’t care about 3D visuals, you can save even more money by opting for the Nintendo 2DS or even newer and larger new 2DS XL.

Here are the best Nintendo 3DS deals available today …

Nintendo 3DS 2021 Offers

The best New Nintendo 3DS deals

The screen is larger on the new 3DS than the original, measuring 3.88 inches on the top screen with improved 3D (up from 3.5 inches) and 3.33 inches on the bottom (up from 3 inches). ).

The new 3DS also has an additional analog stick and more powerful components, which means it will play games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, something the original 3DS cannot handle.

Nintendo 2DS XL 2021 offers

The best New Nintendo 2DS XL deals

The wedge design of the first 2DS was dropped for the traditional clamshell shape in this console variant. We think this is much more appealing to adult gamers.

There is no 3D (hence the name), but you get a giant screen and improved technology inside seen for the first time in the “new 3DS range”. Better yet, it’s cheaper than the classic New 3DS XL.

Best Nintendo 3DS XL 2021 offers

The best New Nintendo 3DS XL deals

The New Nintendo 3DS XL has a much larger screen than the 3DS, measuring 4.88 inches (upper screen) and 4.18 inches (lower screen). Perfect for players with heavy hands.

It features new and improved 3D technology, like the new 3DS, which automatically adjusts according to your head and eye movements. This brand is much more fun to use while traveling on public transport and improves color reproduction.

Nintendo 2DS cheap offer 2021

The best Nintendo 2DS deals

Nintendo 2DS is still a popular console, especially with parents. The hinge mechanism on 3DS models is a potentially breakable point and the wedge-shaped flat shelf design eliminates the problem.

As the name suggests, the 2DS has no 3D effects. A good option if you can’t get by with 3D. Although you can turn it off or even turn it off on 3D models.

The 2DS has the same processor and range of sensors as the original 3DS, which means 3DS games will run on the console, giving you a wide choice. However, the New 3DS and New 3DS XL have a new processor and it is likely that Nintendo will release games compatible only with the new models in the future. Something to consider.

Are you looking for one of the older models?

Nintendo 3DS 2021 Offers

Although we believe the first four are the best models to consider when buying a new Nintendo 3DS. If you prefer to have an older model, the 3DS XL (not to be confused with the new series) is still available. The original 3DS appears to be more expensive than the new model now and it takes longer to produce, so we’ve removed the price comparison table from our guide.


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