The best Nintendo 3DS prices and offers in August 2021


Looking for Nintendo 3DS prices or New 2DS XL deals? Nintendo’s venerable old handheld may be coming to the end of its lifecycle, but we’re always on hand to track down any remaining sales and offers. It’s true that stocks are running out a bit in the field (thanks to these fancy new Nintendo Switch offerings), however, there are still some cheap prices and our price comparison below always checks our favorite retailers for the. last stock.

There are still plenty of reasons to check out these fantastic little handhelds, especially the solid range of proprietary Nintendo titles available, many of which are highlighted in our pick of the best Nintendo 3DS games. The fact that Nintendo still manages to release quality portable devices in the age of smartphones is incredibly admirable, and it’s no surprise that they have always been the boss in this arena since the heady and humble days of the Gameboy. .

Nintendo’s latest entry in the 3 / 2DS series is the “New 2DS XL” – a welcome, no-frills handheld. On this page we display the best 2DS XL, 2DS and new 3DS XL offers. Older models are very hard to come by these days and the prices have gone up disproportionately.

A note on chargers

For reasons known only to Nintendo, most 3DS consoles does not come with a mains charger. So if you are in the 3DS market and don’t have a compatible charger yet (for an older model maybe?) Then you will need to buy a new one. This is especially important if you are purchasing a 3DS as a Christmas present.

On the plus side, the new 2DS XL and the old slate-style 2DS do come with a charger. We’ve included some handy links below to some 3DS charger offers (don’t forget to check it’s compatible with your type of 3DS).

The best Nintendo New 2DS XL offers

It is the latest member of Nintendo’s hugely popular 3DS handheld clan. Unlike the wedge-shaped design of the original 2DS, the clamshell shape returns, which should be a lot more appealing to older gamers. 3D technology has been dropped, but you get the fantastic XL display as well as the improved technology of the “new” 3DS models. It’s also considerably cheaper than the New 3DS XL.

Cheapest 3DS offers

The best Nintendo New 3DS XL offers …

If the standard New 3DS is a bit small for you, then take a look at the New 3DS XL which is perfect for players with bigger hands or anyone who wants a bigger screen. Also look for the new special edition 3DS XL models listed below this comparison table.

2ds offers

The best Nintendo 2DS offers …

If the 3D look and the clamshell look aren’t your thing, you can get a Nintendo 2DS for less. 2DS is a great way to get into the Nintendo handheld family without spending a lot of money, but we’re really talking to kids and parents here. Parents of awkward kids praised the flat design which eliminates the need for those pesky breakable hinges from the original models.

It is this excellent range of games that makes it even easier to recommend 2DS. With a generation of kids getting to grips with quick and easy games like Angry Birds, it’s important for Nintendo to show them just how much better games can be. The 2DS is also much more robust than a smartphone or tablet.

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