The first prototypes of Nintendo games may have leaked

One of the more low-key video game companies may have had a massive leak, as the internet is inundated with Nintendo prototypes.

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Nintendo is one of the most beloved names in gaming thanks to its rich history, innovative ideas, and games that simply make faces smile. The company has traditionally been low-key when it comes to game development, but recently fans have been researching and seemingly found some prototype Nintendo ideas.

As a result, Twitter exploded along with Nintendo. Apparently, information about the source code has been leaked online, in the same way the source code for the Wii was leaked in May of this year. The results are a combination of scary and cool.


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One of the videos that appeared online is a prototype of Yoshi Island, often considered the best game on Super Nintendo. In the video, fans can see what appears to be an early version of Yoshi Island, with strengths and ideas that resulted in the final design. However, the level itself is new, the user interface is different, and the sound effects are from Super mario world, probably serving as a placeholder.

The video is just the start of the fun, as footage has also appeared on Twitter. A prototype of Yoshi and even some kind of adorable Donkey Kong sprite are among the leaks. DK has the boring monkey head that made it the final version of the best Yoshi game ever.

Perhaps the creepiest leak is one of Yoshi’s early sprites, along with prototypes of Koopas. The Koopa could probably have become one of the the strangest Super Mario enemies if the design had stuck. Nintendo fans can all rejoice that the much more refined and adorable designs were what made the final games possible.

While these leaks are interesting, they may not even be real. Lots of fake leaks appear online, like a recent fake Skyrim PS5, because sneaky artists like to post things online for a laugh. But if they’re wrong, whoever’s responsible has done a good job.

If the leaks are real, however, the Big N might not be too happy. Nintendo is notorious for bringing lawsuits against hackers, leakers and copyright infringers. Either way, these goofy pictures and videos are definitely good for some smiles.

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