The Garbage ChildrenGet a Nintendo DS game from iam8bit

The folks over at iam8bit have revealed that they’ll be releasing a classic NES cartridge for The Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum. The retro title was created by Retrotainment Games and Digital Eclipse. It will take you back to classic 16-bit gaming with an all-new adventure featuring many of the characters you grew up with. You can buy it in a special box like those old NES boxes they were, with cartridges, instruction booklets, etc. This special edition is $80, so you can pre-order it via the link above. The actual game will appear on October 25.

Credit: iam8bit.

The Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike, and the Quest for Stale Gum created by longtime GPK fans Retrotainment is a gymfoot and cruel good time. Players watch four unique Garbage Pail Kids each year in a story written by Adam Goldberg and Retrotainment. Each kid has their own dangerous weapons, including Mad Mike’s melee attacks, Leaky Lindsay’s snot rockets, Patty Putty’s diaper slams, and Luke Puke’s self-deplaning skills. Players can split instantly based on each other’s challenges at the moment. A very hardened old school player will love Egypt, Transylvania and Hell. Players can purchase and trade 8-bit versions of official Garbage Pail Kids maps and other games that can be used in battle (the Adam Bomb, anyone?). Minigames, including porta-potty fishing, pay Retrotainment’s loving homage to Garbage Pail and classic retro gaming.

“Looking back with pride is fun, but it’s our pleasure to release Garbage Pail Kids, like an NES game resurrected from a bygone era and a place looking to the future,” says Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White, co-owners and co-creative directors. “Playing without all the limitations of the NES development tool can be done without imagination. For over 35 years, it’s pretty amazing how much is possible in the case of the dedicated fanbase of cracking the code base. This is the result of the Garbage Pail Kids game, built by the master of old school games themselves. It’s a perfect fit for iam8bit giveaways.

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