The latest game released for all past Nintendo consoles

Nintendo has had a long and interesting history over the years, from its origins as a card company and later branching out into video games, to even having entire sections of amusement parks dedicated to its franchises. . Over its decades of existence, Nintendo has released a number of different consoles, some having multiple iterations.

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Through all the good, bad, and sometimes mind-blowing decisions Nintendo has made for its consoles, many games have been released for them. But every console’s life must eventually come to an end, so which games were the last for each? We take a look.


14/14 Mario the juggler – Game and watch, 1991

Premier Game & Watch with ball and illustration of Mario the juggler

No stranger to the retro system, Mario juggled until the end of the Game & Watch’s lifespan. As one might imagine from the title, Mario juggles in this game, making sure various objects don’t fall, with objects falling faster and more frequently over time.

Mario the Juggler is also a reskinned remake of Ball, released 11 years prior as the first Game & Watch title. It’s great to see how, even in the beginning, Mario and the Game & Watch were considered important parts of Nintendo’s history.

13/14 Wario’s Woods – Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994

Original Nintendo Entertainment System and Wario's Woods artwork

The latest game officially licensed by Nintendo to be released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (which was also released for the Super Nintendo), Wario’s Woods is a puzzle game that features Toad as the main character as he uses bombs to destroy the stacks of monsters that appeared, with Wario causing even more trouble until the two characters finally clash for the fate of the woods.

Wario’s Woods was also one of several playable Nintendo Entertainment System games to appear in the first Animal Crossing game and is now available to play through the NES feature of Nintendo Switch Online.

12/14 3D Tetris – Virtual Boy, 1996

    Box for the Virtual Boy console and Tetris 3D cover

The short-lived Virtual Boy didn’t get many releases during its brief one-year lifespan, but it still had an exclusive Tetris game. Although it put a new spin on the classic game, that didn’t stop Tetris 3D from getting negative reviews due to its slow pace and forced 3D perspective, despite being popular in most series.

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Given that Tetris has had an interesting relationship and many exclusive titles with Nintendo before, it seems only fitting that the latest game released on one of Nintendo’s worst consoles is one of the worst in the series.

11/14 Frogger – Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1998

Original Super Nintendo and Frogger art

Although it came to many systems before that, the Super Nintendo version of Frogger was not remembered. The gameplay the series was known for was still intact, adding new stages and abilities, but there was one big glaring flaw: the game had absolutely no music.

The sound effects were still present and the music was still present in other ports like the Sega Genesis version, so it’s unclear why the Super Nintendo version didn’t have any. Although the Super Nintendo deserved better for its final game, it was stuck with a port that fell short of a classic arcade series.

10/14 Pokémon Yellow Version: Pikachu Special Edition – Game Boy Original, 1999

Original Game Boy and Pikachu cover from Pokemon Yellow Version

The latest officially licensed game to be released on the original Game Boy is one of the most notable. Pokemon Yellow Version takes the original Pokemon games and updates them with a handful of new anime-inspired features, including having Pikachu as the exclusive starter Pokemon.

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It was finally ported to the Nintendo 3DS in 2016, alongside the Pokemon Red and Blue versions, and even received a two-version remake on Nintendo Switch nearly two decades after its original release. As the latest entry in the library of the original Game Boy, you can’t beat the biggest multimedia franchise on the planet.

9/14 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 – Nintendo 64, 2002

Nintendo 64 Box Art and Cover of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Perhaps best known for its appearances on other consoles, the third entry in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series was the last game to be released for Nintendo 64, but was apparently overlooked due to also being released for PlayStation 2 and GameCube. , which were the most common consoles at the time.

The Nintendo 64 version lacked the online support of the PlayStation 2 version as well as the graphical fidelity of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions, but for those who couldn’t yet afford one of the new consoles, maybe it was the best way to play.

8/14 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Game Boy Color, 2002

Green Game Boy Color and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Blanket

Being an entirely different game to its counterparts on other consoles, this second entry in the Harry Potter video game series was a turn-based RPG like its predecessor and sequel, with many new features including being the first of the trilogy to include the ability to control multiple characters in combat.

Although the franchise is increasingly known for various controversies surrounding it, it remains one of the highest grossing franchises of all time, so it’s no surprise that a system as popular as the Game Boy Color has a related game as its finale. Title.

7/14 Madden NFL 08 – Nintendo GameCube, 2007

Nintendo GameCube console and Madden NFL 08 cover

The GameCube may not have been the most popular console in its day, but fans still fondly remember it. The GameCube was also no stranger to sports games, with many unique and exclusive entries.

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Part of one of EA’s best-selling franchises, Madden NFL 08 was released at a time when the GameCube’s successor, the Nintendo Wii, was at the height of its popularity. Fortunately, the Wii supported backwards compatibility, so fans who had a Wii but still wanted to play the Fantasy Challenge mode exclusive to older console versions of the game, could do so.

6/14 Samurai Deeper Kyo – Game Boy Advance, 2008

Game Boy Advance and Samurai Deeper Kyo translucent purple game cover

The last game to see a Game Boy Advance release was actually a localization of a game based on the anime Samurai Deeper Kyo and came bundled with the DVD re-release of the series. In the game, players can take on the role of one of five anime characters, all with different stats and weapons, while quickly clearing groups of enemies from a top-down perspective.

Given that the North American version was released six years after the Japanese version and was a limited release, this may be one of the hardest Game Boy Advance games to find. .

5/14 Big Hero 6 Battle In The Bay – Nintendo DS, 2014

Nintendo DS console and game Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay

Also released for the Nintendo 3DS in more current times, Big Hero 6 Battle in the Bay for the Nintendo DS is based on Disney’s animated feature Big Hero 6. Battle in the Bay is set after the events of the film, and while players cannot play with all six team members directly, they each have their own special abilities for specific situations.

Battle in the Bay was also published by GameMill Entertainment, the same publisher behind titles such as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Cruis’n Blast.

4/14 Crazy Train – Nintendo DSi, 2016

White Nintendo DSi Console and Crazy Train Game Art

This latest game released for the DSi, which was also released for the Nintendo 3DS, is not related to Ozzy Osborne’s song of the same name but is instead a puzzle game where players ensure trains travel to the correct stations based on their color, with speed and frequency increasing as players progress.

Despite having a basic story mode and a challenge mode where players can see how long they last before completing a game, Crazy Train is pretty mundane, but it has “fun train facts” as per its description. on the eShop, so maybe train enthusiasts will appreciate.

3/14 Just Dance 2020 – Wii, 2019

Nintendo Wii and Just Dance 2020 cover

Just Dance debuted on the Nintendo Wii in 2009 as an exclusive title. After going cross-platform and being the only game and series to be released on the Wii for several years, Just Dance 2020 made headlines in 2019 as it was announced that it would be the final entry on the console. Nintendo’s most popular living room (until the Nintendo Switch dethroned it).

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A game console that rose to popularity largely through physical activity ending its lifecycle with a once-exclusive dance game is a perfect match.

2/14 Flying Ax – Nintendo 3DS, 2021

Original illustration of the Nintendo 3DS system and the flying ax

Released in Europe a month earlier, at the time of this writing, the North American release of Flying Axe, is the latest game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS. Flying Ax is all about chopping down trees and making sure to sharpen the equipped ax so it doesn’t break. Cutting down trees also helps players earn coins, which can then be used to purchase better axes.

A straightforward version with an odd art style, it’s surprising that the latest Nintendo 3DS game comes out four full years after the debut of its successor when the majority of fans have already moved on.

1/14 Soccer Shootout – New Nintendo 3DS, 2021

New Nintendo 3DS console and Soccer Shootout game

The latest New Nintendo 3DS-exclusive game was released much more recently than gamers might think. As of this writing, Soccer Shootout is the latest game to be released on console on October 28, 2021. It is a soccer game where the player scores goals against the goalkeeper until he gets bored and that’s about it.

This title may also be one of the cheapest New Nintendo 3DS games to date, costing just eight cents on the North American eShop. Besides being developed by someone named Daniel Vovo and published by Sandoomer, there is not much information available about this game.

Wii U Deluxe console and Sturmfront cover

Also available on a handful of modern platforms, Sturmfront is a two-controller arcade shooter where players take on the role of Siegfried Von Hammerstein, a Sturmfront combat unit destined for one thing: to eliminate the mutants who have conquered the world.

It’s not the most well-known title despite being released on modern platforms as well, but those who love the twin-stick shooters once seen in arcades will probably enjoy it. The Wii U wasn’t one of Nintendo’s best consoles, but its life cycle could have ended with a worse game.

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