The Nintendo 3DS could have had a much better screen

During Q&A session about the development of the Nintendo Switch, the company revealed that it explored the idea of ​​using an OLED display for the Nintendo 3DS.

Toru Yamashita, who works in Nintendo’s technology development department, said:

“OLED display technology itself existed in the Nintendo 3DS era, and we were constantly investigating its technology trends, but it didn’t quite fit our terms, and it was never adopted. for Nintendo game consoles.”

Nintendo ended up using two LCD screens instead, but as we know from the new Nintendo Switch OLED, an OLED screen would have given much better picture quality for the Nintendo 3DS.

So why did Nintendo turn around and end up using the OLED panel for the Switch?

“The number of products with OLED screens is increasing around the world, and the technology is improving,” Yamashita explained. “So after checking and re-examining with our partner companies what the possible terms were for what we needed for our game console, we determined that the time was right for us to embrace the technology.”

Yamashita didn’t explain the exact reason why Nintendo snubbed OLED technology for the 3DS, but it’s true that OLED technology has improved dramatically since 2011.

First, OLED screens are less prone to burn-in issues, which can occur when a static image is presented on a screen for an extended period of time. This could be especially problematic for games with static HUDs.

OLED screens were also much more expensive to manufacture ten years ago. The Nintendo 3DS was launched for $249.99, the same price as the OLED-equipped PlayStation Vita when it originally launched.

The 3D display has undoubtedly increased the cost of the Nintendo 3DS, so perhaps adding an OLED screen would drive the price of the laptop too high. But would you have preferred an OLED screen to 3D technology?

Either way, it’s good to see that Nintendo is finally embracing OLED technology with the new Switch model. Check out my Nintendo Switch OLED review to see my final verdict and why this is a great upgrade over the standard LCD panel.

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