The Nintendo 3DS reissues some of its most sought-after games:

Nintendo 3DS production was unfortunately discontinued in 2020. All hardware production has stopped, including games and the console itself. Despite being discontinued, the 3DS remained a fan favorite thanks to all the fond memories it left us with. However, it seems that there have been Nintendo 3DS reprints in Europe recently. Maybe the 3DS isn’t as dead as we thought?

Nintendo 3DS Reprints

twitter user @pikuri noted that several hard-to-find 3DS games have reportedly received reprints over the past year in Europe. Their eagle eye noted that the European-exclusive 3DS case had retired in favor of thinner cases to match Japanese titles.

Many popular 3DS games have become hard to buy without shelling out hundreds of dollars for the game. Although I am the proud owner of my own copy of Fire Emblem Awakening, not everyone is so lucky. However, @pikuri notes that you can tell some games are post-2021 stock by the regulatory information on the back.

Games that appear to have been replenished include:

@pikuri also added potential Luigi’s mansion remake, though they’re not sure if that’s the case as it could be old unsold stock. For the rest of the games though, the regulatory information on the back says enough about it being a reprint.

But that’s probably the end

This, however, is probably the last of the Nintendo 3DS reprints. Video game store and repair shop Videogamesnewyork added that they have their own restocks, but this will likely be the last of Nintendo’s production. Even so, they’re looking to keep the 3DS name alive for as long as they can.

With some of the Nintendo 3DS reprints popping up, now might be the time to pick up the games you’ve been missing. Complete this collection with a hopefully cheaper copy of A brave omission while you can!

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