The Nintendo 3DS turned ten years old this weekend

The Nintendo 3DS will not be forgotten.

I know I must be old if when I hear “Nintendo 3DS” I always categorize it as “new technology” in my head, comparing it to the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. However, the Nintendo 3DS was released on February 26, 2011, making it ten years from this weekend. It might not be your all-time favorite Nintendo system, but there are still reasons to remember it.

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Despite that in September 2020 the combined 3DS family had sold 75.92 million units paired with games for the system having sold 383.1 million units in March 2020, the 3DS was actually not the one of Nintendo’s most powerful systems. In fact, in September 2020, Nintendo very quietly noted on its website that it was going to stop producing the 3DS. It hasn’t received an official shutdown announcement, and that’s probably because of its lack of success compared to other systems, considering its launch was a failure due to the extremely pricey high of the 3DS and its lack of a good game line up.


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But even though the 3DS wasn’t one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles, it still brought us some great games. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released for 3DS and became the first 3DS game in Japan to reach over two million units sold, which was achieved in just under two months. Similarly, Fire Emblem: Awakening was also released on 3DS, and it received 92% on Metacritic, and it made GameSpot’s list of best games for 3DS and reached 21st place on IGN’s list of the top 125 Nintendo games of all time.

Although the Nintendo Switch has already overtaken the 3DS, the 3DS will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans who considered both the library and the console unique. It may not have been the most successful Nintendo console, but it will always be remembered anyway.

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