The Nintendo Splatoon 3 console is now available

If there’s one thing that will always grab players’ attention, it’s the exclusives. Whether content like what Hogwarts Legacy fact or, in other cases, a console. It’s no surprise that first-party titles have their own console design. We saw it with animal crossing and now we have a new Splaton 3 Nintendo console for sale. This game is almost out and if you want to play but don’t have Nintendo Switch, this is a good option. New Splaton 3 console has an OLED screen and all the fun you can expect from the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Splatoon 3 console does not include the game

If there’s anything strange about all this Splaton 3 The Nintendo console is that it does not come with the game. Many people would expect the console to come with the title that is about to be released. Nevertheless, it is not the case. However, there is a silver lining, the price is only $10 more than normal Nintendo Switch OLED console. So it’s good. Even if it’s a bit strange not to see nintendo taking advantage of the console to get more people to play the game.

Splatoon 3 OLED console


Splatoon 3: How to Toggle Motion Controls

As we know it, Splaton 3 launch September 9. We’ve already seen plenty of footage that shows gameplay and what’s to come. nintendo even dedicated a whole Nintendo Direct to this game. See a Splaton 3 The Nintendo console is ideal for fans who want to get a custom Switch. In the past, the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch version sold like crazy, so, we expect it to be the same scenario here. You can find the Splaton 3 console at various retailers right now and remember that pre-orders for the game are also up.

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