The real name of the super powerful Nintendo console is Super Switch



The so-called Nintendo Switch Pro Super Leak, according to a new leak. The console is performing better, but that’s not good news for developers. Nintendo also announced the Collector’s version of Monster Hunter Rice.

There’s something new on the Nintendo page! Rumors about Next pro console with better performance Reveal with a new name. In fact, the Japanese company’s next hybrid console may not be called the Switch Pro as it has been thought for months, but in fact the Super Switch. The name was mentioned during the conversation on Twitter Between a Brazilian journalist and a league.

Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Edition – Credit: Nintendo

The Super Switch clearly suggests Super Nintendo turns 30 In North America this year. Nintendo could have the chance to announce a pro version of its Switch Sales are already higher than SNES.

A super switch is not suitable for developers

According to a leak this month, The Super Switch is equipped with an OLED screen with 4K compatibility and excellent battery life. While this is good news for gamers who want an advanced gaming experience, it’s not clear to developers. In reality, Dutch Studio Engine software Admitted in a recent interview Nintendo is everything.

The studio responded to the Super Switch rumors by saying: ” Of course, it would be nice to have more RAM or a faster GPU / CPU than before, but if it does [la Super Switch] Still viewed as the same platform, you need to make sure your game works on all models. So, for compatibility reasons, your performance is comparable at lower specifications. We have already seen with previous advanced systems that the extra power was never used correctly for this reason. .

Currently Nintendo Switch uses one Dynamic resolution In a way that does not affect the frame rates of the game. One of the main advantages of the Super Switch Enjoy games at their maximum clarity When you have high frame rates. So open world titles are appreciated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Provide the best gaming experience.

For the moment, Nintendo has not yet formalized the Switch Pro or the Super Switch. The Nintendo USA frontman recently raised this question The hybrid console is at the midpoint of its lifecycle.

A version of the Monster Hunter Rice Collector is available for pre-order

Finally, Nintendo has announced the best news for fans of Japanese Monster Hunter owners. In reality, Monster Hunter Rise Edition Pack for Nintendo Switch And the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is available here March 26 in France. Pre-orders are already open.

Of course, the collector’s version of the console includes a download code Monster Hunter Rice is also released the same day.. This code grants access to the “Deluxe Kit” DLC and bonus content, but we don’t have any information yet. Wait, A demo is available on Nintendo eShop If you want to try it before posting.

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