The Switch is now the best-selling Nintendo console

Sales reports place the Switch as the best-selling Nintendo console of all time. Although it appears that, primarily due to COVID-19 and subsequent industry-wide shipping shortages, console sales would be well below normal – and to some extent, they are, but the Switch has overtaken the sales figures of Nintendo’s Wii juggernaut according to the latest figures. After the Xbox Series S had a strong holiday season last year and Sony is looking to release another million PS4 consoles into the wild this year to make up for the lack of its latest machines, the latest Switch sales figures amounted to 103.54 million since its launch. in 2017, making it the best-selling Nintendo console of all time. More details below.

Switch is the best-selling Nintendo console of all time

Nintendo cites strong sales of the OLED model as a key factor in the latest uptick. Describing its launch as a “good start”, Nintendo said the OLED Switch model moved 10.67 million units from October to December last year, eclipsing the number of Sony’s hard-to-find current-gen boxes. get that people have been able to get their hands on. .

While the latest data combined with forecasts for 2022 have now reduced expected sales by 1 million – sales were actually down 8% last year – Nintendo still expects it to move another 23 million units.

While Nintendo’s sales are 6% lighter at $11.52 billion in the first nine months, its software remains strong. Nintendo said it just had its best quarterly consumer sales since the Switch launched. This was heavily driven by Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with 13.97 million units sold in the past nine months, while its mascot driver who just won’t die, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, still managed to generate 7.96 million in sales with Animal Crossing: New Horizons listed at 4.99 million. Metroid Dread – the latest entry in Nintendo’s beloved sci-fi action franchise – has so far sold 2.74 million units.

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Overall, the Switch platform has been a major success for Nintendo, especially in the current supply climate it faces. At one point, it was hard to imagine anything surpassing the Wii numbers, but now that’s a thing of the past. With Pokémon Legends: Arceus now in the wild, it looks like his predictions are likely correct and the Switch will remain Nintendo’s best-selling console for some time to come.

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