These are the Nintendo DS games you played if you grew up to be an icon


Living in fear of the angry eyes of Cooking Mama to this day

Nothing harder than a day playing your Nintendo DS.

When you first laid eyes on this sci-fi clamshell little console, you knew your life would never be the same again. So it was like GameBoy but… with two screens? What about one of the screens that you could … push with a stick? Take my bastard coins. And by my coins, I mean my mother’s coins. Because I was nine.

It was a cultural overhaul. I will never forget the last sacred days of the sixth year. Elementary school was coming to an end, and everyone could bring games. No more Ker Plunk and Jenga’s usual fare, and waltzed that plastic envelope everyone was glued to. A Mario Kart tournament filled with eight 12-year-old riders in search of first place. You have never seen anything like it.

You’d be hard pressed to find a console with a more iconic catalog of games. We had virtual dogs. We had turtles in go-karts. We had angry cartoon bosses yelling at us, and we had our nan’s desperately trying to decrease the age of their brains or deal with the wrath of a disappointed mathematician made up of low-resolution polygons. .

If you’ve played any of those frosty DS classics, rest assured that today, in 2021… you are an icon.


Kick off with an essential. Nintendogs is the bread and butter of the Nintendo DS.

Virtual puppies. Any race you want. Drag your dog around after planning the longest route ever to find piles of gifts on the floor, but instantly regret it after chatting with playmates and their annoying dogs every five minutes.

An endless choice of toys. The onus of deciding whether to part with more in-game cash to buy top-quality dog ​​food and drink or just give your cute bundle of pixels a bowl of any old shit and buy him a little Frisbee pizza instead.

And to top it all ? You can choose an interior design for your gaff doggy boujee. Very iconic that you can make your house a seaside resort, but when you walk your dog your house looks like it is in the middle of Bolton.

New Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo DS, Mario

In the words of Her Royal Highness Taylor Swift, Mario… you never go out of style.

Timeless. Superb. Gorgeous. Mario and Luigi also have that James Dean (dreamy) look in their eyes.

If you’ve played NSMB, you were serious with your Nintendo DS. You wanted to show your dad that you can beat Bowser like he brags about beating him in the 80s. Icon behavior.

Mario kart

Best game on planet Earth, end of.

Blood pressure through the roof that ties her around Rainbow Road. Adrenaline overload. Never gets old. Having it portable AND 3D rather than the 2D crap we had endured on the Game Boy advance made it more iconic than ever.

If you’ve run as Peach, you’re an icon.

WarioWare: hit!

Very random game. Here we have the fame of Wario of Mario and a host of absurd mini-games.

It’s absolute mayhem and you practically smashed your Nintendo DS screen with the force and speed you rubbed the touchscreen with the stylus, but it was THE gaming game for edgy teens that knew enough to force their father to buy it for them. Xmas.

Boutique style

Nintendo DS

Yes, I am the editor-in-chief of Vogue.

Run your own boutique and style your customers in clothes that make them look like a hip hop video from 2003 or that make them look like a Victorian Gothic… in Heaven.

Cooking mom

This mom took NO PRISONERS.

You will either make the best pork rice ever, or you will be yelled at. A furious cartoon woman with hell in her eyes. I asked my girlfriend what her favorite DS games were and she told me that she told her girlfriends “I’m the best at Cooking Mama because my mom is a diner” which is an awesome phrase. that I would desperately like to find myself.

Super Princess Peach

A rare one that only the meanest of bitches have got their hands on.

A Mario game where you play as the only woman who matters in the Mushroom Kingdom and save Mario instead? Invented feminism.

Dr Kawashima’s brain training

Obsessed with how we’ve all become addicted to the fashion of essentially paying 30 pounds for more math homework?

Could show your grandma that those bloody games you’re stuck with made you really smart. Just read that Dr Kawashima himself did not levy any royalties on the success of the game and instead built two labs. King shit!

Sims 2

What’s the hotel inspector with Alex Polizzi going on !?

This game just ditched the core Sims gameplay completely and created this weird little town simulator with full sci-fi storyline and made you a hotel manager. It was really iconic and the story was so much fun. I could play for hours again NOW.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Nintendo DS

The way we all lost my entire life from 2006 to 2010 playing Animal Crossing and never touched it again until the 2020 lockdown on Switch?

Wild World was such a magnificent escape. Catch all the fish, chase the insects, make the annoying anthropomorphic frog leave your village because you didn’t like its ugly house. Happiness.

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