Tomb Raider runs on Nintendo Game Boy Advance thanks to this port

Nothing more successful for the most famous archaeologist of all time than to land on a console like the GameBoy Advance. The original 1996 game of Lara Croft it is ready to be played on a laptop which was not designed to run 3D games at all. If you’ve spent many hours of your life playing the Game Boy Advance, get ready to see something incredible, because despite what it may seem, the video we’re going to show you next is neither of cheating or cardboard.

Tomb Raider is coming to Game Boy Advance Silicon

We are constantly on the lookout for more powerful computers and consoles. pieces of Material able to move more graphics and higher resolution. Yes We forgot totally software world. Swimming completely against the tide, Timur Gagiev showed that with a good optimization, everything is possible. Using Open Lara, a reverse engineered project of the original game by grave robber from 1996, the modder managed to create a smooth version and laptop from the Lara Croft game for Game Boy Advance. A real savagery if we take into account that the title was initially launched on PC, Sega Saturn and PlayStation.

When we usually post cases like this, sometimes there are gotchas, like hidden Raspberry Pis and cartridges that don’t diffusion. But in this case, the Port is made to work with any Game Boy Advance consoleeven though this Nintendo laptop didn’t have a dedicated GPU for rendering 3D graphics, so everything we see on screen is actually done through the CPU.

To some extent, you could say that the Game Boy Advance was lost in time, because we only saw games in two dimensions, despite the fact that at the time some lucky ones could see some technical demos in three dimensions. In any case, and despite the fact that it incorporates a processor of 32 bitit’s surprising that something like this could be achieved, because at the time it would have been unthinkable to be able to play a video game like this in the palm of your hand with a console as simple as the GBA.

A future version for Nintendo DS is expected

The Port It works well and can be played smoothly. However, your Creator wants to go a little further and wants to try his luck with the Nintendo DS. The best-selling handheld in history also didn’t take full advantage of its hardware’s mobile 3D graphics capabilities, as most titles released for Nintendo’s dual-screen console continued to run. in 2D or with 2.5D perspectives.

Gagiev is convinced that he can extract the full potential of the laptop by further enhancing the experience of grave robber. Moreover, his adaptation to the ACS left the community modder jaw-dropping because his project, completely separate from the Open Lara roadmap, looks better than the solution the group created for N-Gage, the legendary 2-in-1 mobile phone and handheld console that Nokia launched in 2003.

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