Undertale is finally on a Nintendo console where it belongs



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Subtitle is available on Switch today. It took three years for the excellent JRPG-inspired adventure to finally arrive on a Nintendo console. Now it does, and despite the sometimes awkward Joy-Con controls, the game feels like it’s coming home.

In Subtitle you play as a child who has somehow found himself in the underground, a world that belongs to monsters, and who must find his way back to the surface. You can talk to the monsters, fight the monsters, or try to make friends with them. What you choose to do in any given situation can have consequences that spill over into the rest of the game. Add to that a story and characters that balance morbid tragedy and comedic absurdity and you come to the point. magic alchemy that makes Subtitle check. The heart of its appeal is the game’s aggressive subversion of the rules of the classic video game, foremost among which is the idea that could make right and the player is a divine figure with whom one should not be mistaken. On its surface Subtitle looks like a middle finger to the naivety of early Nintendo games, but underneath looks like a love letter to those classics.

Image of the article titled Undertale is finally on a Nintendo console where it belongs

When creator Toby Fox sent his creation out into the world in 2015, it felt like an eye-opener, the rare game that managed to marry high-level writing and themes with compelling mechanics. This was the complete package, one whose third act inversions, multiple endings, and attention to detail were worth revisiting, much like another cult classic that inspired this: Tied to the earth. Fox confessed to doing Tied to the earth ROM hacks while in high school, and Subtitle, with its intimate and authentically human feel, seems like the obvious highlight of tinkering under the hood of this masterpiece.

The switch does not have Tied to the earth, but now he has Subtitle. I played Subtitle on PC, and last year on PS4 and Vita (thank you cross-buy). On Switch, stuck between portraits for new ones Mario and Zelda games, he feels like a natural member of the family. Playing Subtitle on Switch in 2018 reminds me to play Tied to the earth on my brother’s SNES in 1994.

The Switch edition is final for several reasons. The latest port includes a small but recognizable new piece of art in a section that die-hard fans of the game will appreciate. It also has an additional boss battle which is difficult but extremely fun, especially in the context of the rest of the history and lore of the game. Fox has not said if this Easter egg and this boss will be added to the game. other versions of the game, so for now if you’re hungry for something else to check out in Subtitle, the Switch version is your only choice.

Image of the article titled Undertale is finally on a Nintendo console where it belongs

Screenshot: Subtitle (Youtube)

This does not mean that there are no frustrations. Subtitle, especially when played hard or aiming for a pacifist ending, can be surprisingly difficult, and the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and lack of a D-Pad do it a disservice in the most boss encounters. more restless. Such a perfect game to play on your knees as Subtitle is that there has been more than once that I wanted play with a Pro controller instead.

It’s more of a failure of the hardware than the game, and is not a reason not to check Subtitle on Switch, especially for those who have never tried it on the first laps. Subtitle quickly became a classic, and now it rivals anything you’ll find on a Nintendo console.


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