What is Nintendo DS and the best games to play today?


What do you know about the Nintendo DS?

Looking to play Nintendo DS games today? Here is a brief history of ND ROM that you need to know. The Nintendo DS was introduced to the market in 2004 with highlights such as a second screen that worked hand in hand with the main screen.

In the beginning, the motive of the company was to release these consoles on a trial basis for the gaming device. The new improvement has brought a wide selection of gaming gadgets to the market. Their idea was that only certain audiences could not be captured. However, over 50 million consoles were sold in one year, resulting in the purchase of over 154 million consoles worldwide.

However, over time the console died out, with the remaining items sold for a decent price. For a person to be able to play old games like Supersonic Warriors, Pokémon Platinum version or any Nintendo ds game on their devices, Nintendo DS ROMs are the only options left.

NDS ROMS are very common these days and allow gamers to immerse themselves in the gameplay at any time. The game console also had a touchscreen, sound system, a few outlets and an underlying amplifier, and it also supported Wi-Fi ranging from 10 to 30 meters.

All in all, it was a leap forward in the specialty of the game, and millions of gamers around the world loved it.

Here is a list of the best games to play ND’S

Missed the old-fashioned quality shoot ’em ups? We bet you did. Contra 4 DS is damn tough in the ideal way possible. It’s so difficult to play but irresistible. The game keeps you coming back for more.

It’s the spirit of being in the arcade that’s hard to find these days. No big surprise, all retro gamers devoted to pixel quality want to relive the fun of the early stages with Contra 4.

  • The world ends with you.

This young Battle Royale troublemaker immerses you in the atmosphere of fun and interesting little challenges. The player takes on the role of Sora and Kyrie, offering daily missions to different characters. In the event that they bombarded their central goal, they would all be eliminated.

What we especially love about this unique title is the ability to make a lot of fun and at the same time do scary things like imprinting contemplations on the heads of individuals and sweeping the wide area to fight fearsome beasts. Plus, the beautiful comic book style work of disputed and cut scenes adds to the uniqueness and appeal of the game.

Most people can’t help but think of how it happened that many gamers were still impatient to play this simple game of Tetris. Tetris DS has an interesting love letter to all fans, all problems, and a wide range of block games and Nintendo fans. Each game mode is capable enough to keep you going for an hour.

The multiplayer is also phenomenal, while the push mode is irresistible as damnation. More so, the most exciting thing about this religious DS game is the fact that Nintendo dag deep wie organizing Tetris so that it is cleaned up after Nintendo establishments. Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Yoshi’s Cookies – each of the NES and Game Boy Advance games that countless people have grown up cherishing and knowing are perfectly coordinated in Tetris.

It’s a beautifully funky anime joke take on the musicality game genre. This DS track displays some of the most downloaded music from the 6th era, like Material Girl by Madonna or Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne, making so many people nostalgic. Avoid the mistakes because there are difficult tests for this game that you will have to pass.


There are different games, for example Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario, Bros, Animal Crossing, Phantom Hourglass, and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which are worth your attention.

In that sense, if you like the games on our list and the ones we don’t have, you can visit the retro gaming sites that offer quality NDS ROMs and get as many games as you want or your emulator. can support.

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