What is one of the old Nintendo games that you would like a sequel to?


Nintendo has had a lot of success in its history, many of which have enjoyed a great legacy and a handful of sequels. Others, however, do not receive quite the same treatment. Many past Nintendo games and IPs have gone untracked for far too long. Others might receive sequels or other entries in their respective franchise that take mechanics and design in a completely foreign direction which, while often refreshing, can also leave great ideas with untapped potential. If you could order a sequel to any Nintendo game right now, which one would you choose?

I would like a real sequel to Star Fox assault. It is no secret that the Star fox The franchise has struggled since the wonderful Nintendo 64 title charmed action fans around the world. Seemingly convinced that a simple, tight rail shooter isn’t enough, Nintendo was unable to decide which direction to take the series, creating a goofy arena-based DS title, a reboot with a quantity offensive and ruinous Wii U Gamepad integration, and even a Zelda-As. However, I would say the show figured out where to go with Star Fox Assault. The game wasn’t spectacularly popular back then – the walking missions needed a bit more finishing, and the fantastic multiplayer was taking too long to unlock interesting maps and weapons – but I think it did. laid the groundwork for a series that can keep campaigns short and replayable with enough room for interesting gameplay through foot shooting. A sequel could have done a lot to build on the foundation laid by the first title, but Nintendo didn’t come close to exploring it, choosing instead to drag the IP once or twice a decade and beat her unconscious with a useless gadget or two.

Which Nintendo game would you like a sequel to? Why is this your choice? Let us know in the comments!

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