What’s your favorite “spooky” Nintendo game?

Halloween is a few days away. Many gamers will definitely celebrate the occasion with a horror game or two, or maybe a less scary game that still conjures up some fun Halloween vibes. Do you have a “spooky” Nintendo game that you love more than others? Your answer could include actual horror games that have appeared on Nintendo systems, such as Eternal darkness: the requiem of reason, or it could include beloved and less scary classics like Luigi’s mansion.

For me the original Luigi’s mansion take the cake. The ambiance is wonderful, although the playing itself is light on the screams. While it’s the shortest in the trilogy (which makes it ideal for quick fall reruns), the original Luigi’s mansion has the most heart and energy of the series. Detailed ghost portraits, the eerie mansion, Luigi’s silent buzz, and more contribute to a wonderfully orchestrated adventure. Combine that with fun ghost hunting gameplay and very satisfying puzzles, and you’ve got an awesome game that’s worth revisiting every year around this time.

What’s your favorite Nintendo game for Halloween? What do you like about it? What sets him apart from the rest of the crowd? Let us know in the comment section below.

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