What’s your least favorite Nintendo game you’ve played until the end?

We love Nintendo for their successes, but not every game they release can be a record. Sometimes, however, even when a game is disappointing, we have a little too much hope and stick to it until the end. What’s the worst Nintendo game you’ve played until the end? Why did you finish it?

Metroid: Other M is the easy choice for me. I liked the gameplay at first, but it got repetitive and frustrating pretty quickly. The story and the dialogue were also incredibly bad. Just because I enjoyed the first few moments of the gameplay, and since the title was so short, I decided to stick it out in the hopes of some more fun moments in the story. By the time I finished Metroid: Other M, I was so dissatisfied that I would have done better not to play.

Honorable mention goes to Star Fox Zero, just a horrible game. The only reason he doesn’t qualify is because I just couldn’t bring myself to complete the game once I saw that they had turned Andross into a chicken walker fight. My time with this game was short, but I am irreparably marked.

What poor quality Nintendo game did you see until the end? Why did you bother to finish it? Do you regret having finished it? Explain your choice to us in the comments!

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