What’s your sixth favorite Nintendo game?

You always hear about people’s favorite games, maybe even the top three or five, but there are plenty of all-time greats beyond the top spot on your personal roster. I want to know a bit more about the games that don’t hold your highest accolade, so I picked a random number, low enough to be the one people can still easily rank for, but high enough that you don’t. do not always hear common discussions. Six is ​​solid enough for that – it’s just missing the top five, after all – so let’s listen to it. What’s your sixth favorite Nintendo game?

Mine is Star Fox 64 3D, the excellent 3DS port of the best N64 game. I sprang magic behind Star Fox 64 here over and over again. It has a whole solar system of colorful and varied ecosystems to wreak havoc. It stands out from other rail shooters with particularly funny and charming personalities, and concrete and polished levels and enemies that propel the game into masterpiece territory. Lasting forty-five minutes and with multiple paths to victory, the game is highly replayable as a high score hunter. With hidden ways to encounter additional enemies and increase your score, there is always room to improve. One of my favorite and most played games of all time, Star Fox 64 3D is the best dog in rail shooting.

What’s your sixth favorite Nintendo title? What do you like about it? Let’s hear your pick in the comments.

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