Why we need a new Nintendo DS console


We need a new Nintendo DS console. Okay so I know we have the Switch and Nintendo will probably never stop making new versions of the Switch which is good and all I mean the Switch is a great system however I have the impression that Nintendo made fans of the DS systems a little dirty when they decided to stop producing them altogether. All consoles have a lifespan – the Xbox was eventually ditched by the Xbox 360, and the 360 ​​was replaced by the Xbox One, and eventually the One was replaced by the Series X | S. The same can be said for PlayStation – the PlayStation was replaced by the PlayStation 2, then the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 and finally the PlayStation 5. Nintendo is no different, because they have always been around the old consoles. , but now there’s only one console that Nintendo even no longer produces – the Switch. Here is why we need to recover the DS.


Here’s the thing, Nintendo Switch is primarily an intermediate console with an option to switch between handheld and laptop, or docked and powerful. That’s great and all, but when the Switch is in portable mode, it’s really all this portable? Unless you throw it in a bag, or maybe you have some really big cargo shorts or something, the answer will usually be no. The Nintendo Switch absolutely cannot fit comfortably in a gamer’s pocket, defeating the very purpose of the console’s portable nature. Every DS (except the original 2DS) has been designed to be able to easily fit in anyone’s pocket. They both had screens that opened like a book when you wanted to use it, and folded up, condensing it to save space and allow for an easy fit in your pocket. This was back when local multiplayer gaming was at its peak – when you and a few friends could go out after school and fight in Pokemon, or race in Mario Kart, or one of the hundreds of. other games available. for these systems. Once you’re done, you can just put it away, throw it in your pocket, and be good to go. These days you can’t do that with a switch – you just can’t. It’s too big to realistically fit in anyone’s pocket and it doesn’t make sense to lug it around anywhere outside of a backpack.

Backward compatibility

A big problem I have with the Nintendo Switch is the fact that you can’t emulate a DS on it, even when it’s in the dock, when you have two screens that could very easily be used as a fake DS system. It might be a bit extreme, but I still feel like it would be very easily doable! What I mean is if you wanted to play games like Pokemon Omega Ruby, New Super Mario Bros or Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you’re just out of luck unless you have it. one of these devices because Nintendo has ceased production. them, and it is difficult to find these consoles in other markets. All I want is to be able to play all of my Nintendo games on one console, that’s it. So maybe that’s not necessarily a point for a new DS, but at least let us play some 3DS games on the next Switch, please?


Every kid I knew growing up had a DS, and even though I didn’t have one for a little while after everyone else, I still grew up with systems like the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS Lite. , so the DS line of consoles means a lot to me and to many other people around the world. I understand that’s not a really financially stable rationale for producing a whole new line of DS systems, but it would be a welcome throwback to the good old days if Nintendo at least gave it one last chance.

For the most part, I just want a new Nintendo DS console that can play every game I want to play (pretty much every Pokemon game ever made), and I want to be able to put this console in my pocket and take it with me. me everywhere I go. This is the biggest problem I have with the Switch is the fact that it really isn’t that portable unless you take a bag with you somewhere because you’re not going not carry the thing in your hand anywhere. you go. If Nintendo doesn’t want to make a new DS (and I’m sure they won’t, but I could be wrong someday), I’d be happy with a Switch that can at least fit in my pocket in some way. or another.


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