Wii U Ends Life As Nintendo’s Least-Selling Console, Only 13.5 Million Lifetime Sales


The Wii U might have been a solid console with some great games, but I don’t think Nintendo is sad that it’s time to end. With reports that production has ceased in Japan, the company has left us with one final figure that tells the whole story.

13.56 million units for life. It is by far the least-selling console Nintendo has ever released.

The figure has changed very little from the previous update last September, which was only 13.4 million. And for comparison, the next worst home system is the GameCube, which is also considered a financial failure for Nintendo despite having solid games. It sold 21.74 million units over its lifetime.

The Switch can and will do much better

Blame it on misreading the market, poor marketing, a change in gamer habits, Nintendo’s struggle to adapt to modern digital conveniences, or the incredibly lame name. The Wii U did not do as well as it should have given the excellent games available to it.

However, the Nintendo Switch will be different. Nintendo looks set to get back into the limelight with this latest contraption, and its unique approach to controlling the game will help it reach new audiences everywhere.

At least it will sell better than the Wii U.

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