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Life is strange 2, the sequel to Dontnod’s critically-acclaimed adventure, has officially received a release date after more than a year of eagerly awaiting fans. But is it coming to Nintendo Switch? You would think Life is strange 2 Switch Would fit the console perfectly with its episodic format and portability but, as we’re about to find out, even Max’s time travel powers couldn’t fix this mess.

Life is strange 2 Switch: is it coming to Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing, Life is strange 2 has not been confirmed for Nintendo Switch. That’s not to say it won’t appear in the future but, in the context of a September 2018 release date, Switch users are going to have to look elsewhere for now.

Life is strange 2 Switch: other platforms

Life is strange 2 episode one will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 27, with the next four episodes likely to arrive intermittently throughout 2018 and into 2019.

Life is strange 2 Switch: reasons for the absence

While there is no official reasoning (and probably never will be) behind the lack of Life is strange 2 on Switch, there are a few reasons that could be put forward to explain the absence of the game on Nintendo’s console (s). First, Dontnod has never released a game on a Nintendo platform; it may just be the lack of a real working relationship with the gaming giants.

Perhaps most likely, however, is the fact that the console’s architecture makes porting the game too long and expensive on Switch. Unravel 2 encountered this issue recently and decided to drop a Switch port that would have added six months to the release date [via gameindustry.biz] and you imagine small developers will have a similar mindset, especially for Life is strange and its quirky episodic format.

Life is strange 2 Switch: alternatives on Switch

If you are looking for games similar to Life is strange 2 on Switch, you could do worse than watch the likes of Night in the woods, which deal with similar themes of loneliness and depression, while having a strong story focus.


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