Wordle was ported to Nintendo Game Boy

An awesome coder has ported Wordle to the Nintendo Game Boy and Analogue Pocket, introducing a new way to guess the five-letter answer.

Josh Wardle’s viral pun wordle was ported to the Nintendo Game Boy and the Analogue Pocket, introducing a new way to guess the daily five-letter answer. wordle took the world by storm with its simplistic gameplay design and viral sharing features. Corn The New York Times changed wordle in various ways the game maintained its popularity, with players continually trying to guess the daily answer in six tries.

wordleit’s New York Times The acquisition did not change the core gameplay experience, although a few new features were added and a slight cosmetic tweak after the game jumped to the newspaper’s website. A new high contrast mode changes green boxes to orange and yellow boxes to blue, and The New York Times also deleted the offensive words after wordleacquisition. The game’s font has also changed to match the newspaper’s house style, and the daily responses are different from what the program originally intended. Although there has been no movement to monetize wordle, it’s still possible that the newspaper will move the game to its game subscription service. Before that day came, however, some programmers worked hard to create their own wordle Games.


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twitter user crushing batteries (via VG247) obtained wordle to work on the Nintendo Game Boy. The ROM works for both the original Game Boy and the Analogue Pocket, a retro handheld device that offers hardware support for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games. The project was inspired by Twitter user bobberto1995, who carried wordle to PalmOS for use on the Palm VII. Stacksmashing’s Saturday Project has its limitations due to the small size of the ROM. The encoder”couldn’t fit in a big list of “true” words” and instead used a bloom filter to check if a word entered is “one of the 8000 most common English words.” The programmer admitted that there was a very high error rate, although the ROM now allows Game Boy and even Super Game Boy 2 owners to try wordle in its retro refit.

Having sold over 120 million units over its lifetime, Game Boy is one of the most popular consoles in history and it seems its legacy still lives on. Programmers continue to port modern games to the old device. For example, Sebastian Staacks played GTA 5 on an original Game Boy using a modified game cartridge. This trend has given the Nintendo console new life in the era of modern gaming.

Considering wordlemassively successful but simplistic gameplay design, it’s no surprise someone figured out how to port it to the Game Boy. Before being acquired by The New York Timeswe discovered that wordle responses were planned more than a year in advance, meaning it didn’t rely on a constant connection to a server to update daily. This would mean that a port to most older devices is possible with the right coding, and the Game Boy is the ideal console given wordlemovable roots. Beyond Potential wordle ports, there has also been a trend to create unique versions of the viral pun, with an impressive range available, including The Lord of the Rings and Worldthe aptly named based on geography wordle clone.

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Source: stack crush/Twitter (via VG247)

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