You can now play Counter-Strike on a Nintendo DS

Playing first-person shooters on the Nintendo DS might seem like an unusual idea at first, until you realize how many ports of Call of Duty games are available on the system. Although the original handheld was discontinued years ago, its development hasn’t stopped, and now you can even enjoy the wonders and pains of Counter-Strike on the Nintendo DS! An alpha version is now available for download, developed by a well-known programmer for Nintendo DS, PSVita, Wii, GameBoy and more. Check out a video of the game running on the Nintendo DS below, along with details on how you can stab and smoke yourself in the game, provided you also have a DS.

The Counter-Strike port makes good use of the limited control options of the Nintendo DS, with the touchscreen replacing your need for a mouse for a system that’s no different from what Call of Duty used in its own DS games. . The version used here appears to be a heavily downgraded version of Counter-Strike Source, one of the most popular versions of the game next to 1.6.

Fewnity, the game’s developer, has also put up links to download the alpha version of the game via either MEGA Where Mediafire. If you’re unfamiliar with the homebrew scene that helps make these types of projects possible, you can check out a well-maintained guide here or join this project Discord Server.

Of course, Nintendo 3DS and 2DS users can also play this one thanks to homebrew wonders, and you can check out a guide to play DS titles on systems here.

Nintendo DS users aren’t the only ones who can play this special port, as it looks like Fewnity has also shown Counter-Strike was running on a PlayStation Vita a few months ago. No word on development, so be sure to stay tuned here on MP1st for more!

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