YouTuber Gives Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance A Really Bizarre Makeover

When you look at the original Game Boy Advance, you might think it’s a bit small compared to modern consoles like the Switch Lite. However, a shrewd YouTuber saw the potential in the old device – and so The Wide Boy Advance was born.

Popular YouTuber The Retro Future took the classic 2000s console and made it ridiculously long for “no reason”. Inventing it The Wide Boy, Elliot Coll made this monstrous device twice the width of the original Game Boy Advance, first released in 2001. With the help of glue, toilet paper, putty from bodywork and spray paint, the abnormally large Game Boy now looks something similar to the all-new blue Nintendo Switch Lite (if you haven’t picked one up yet, be sure to check out our best Nintendo Switch deals).

Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Switch Blue and the modded Gameboy advance, the Wideboy, on a blue background

find the difference (Image credit: Future Owns/Nintendo/The Retro Future)

Coll’s Nintendo mods (like the left-handed Gameboy) proved incredibly popular and garnered a huge following on his YouTube channel, racking up 61 million views and 435,000 subscribers. With one fan commenting on his video, “Are you aware that your works cross over into art rather than modding?”, it’s safe to say that Coll’s videos are a hit.

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While we don’t know if The WideBoy Advance would be a best-seller if Nintendo released it (which, let’s be honest, it won’t), we’re certainly entertained by this ridiculously long device and with 10 of these original mod videos. in the channel’s “GameBoys mods for no reason” playlist – and we can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful creation Coll comes up with next. If you enjoyed the Frankenstein-esque creation of The Retro Future, be sure to also check out the hilarious giant Game Man.

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